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Kyla Ledger, MSW, LGSW

Mental Health Practitioner

Kyla (she/her) is an outpatient and shelter-linked mental health practitioner at Face to Face. Her other experiences include working as a case manager/care coordinator for adults age 65+, as a Positive Support Specialist for adults with severe and persistent mental illness, as a para-professional for elementary-aged children, and as a Residential Counselor at an out of home shelter placement for adolescents. Kyla’s approach to therapy is strengths-centered, attachment-based, and trauma-informed. She also believes it is important to recognize how systems of oppression and marginalization affect clients’ life experiences, and exploring how intersections of these identities inform the therapy process and outcome. Kyla values authenticity, empathic understanding, inquisitiveness, and warmth in the therapeutic setting.

Albert Vargas, MA

Mental Health Practitioner

Albert (he/him) is an outpatient therapist at Face to Face. He has centered much of his therapeutic work on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychoeducation, Narrative Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy which prioritizes the unique strengths and experiences of each individual. He believes that every person who comes to therapy has their own goals and challenges that with additional supports and tools can be navigated in ways that leave them feeling more hopeful and balanced. With experience at different community-based and private clinics, Albert is open to working with those from a diverse range of backgrounds and is always excited to work with Spanish-Speakers or Non-English-Speakers more generally. Specific experience includes depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, immigration trauma/stress, stress management, and life transitions.

Meg Sutter, MSW, LGSW

Mental Health Practitioner

Meg (she/her) is an outpatient therapist at Face to Face. Coming from a background in creative arts and youth work, Meg’s approach to therapy is holistic, relational, and client-centered. She believes every client is the expert of their own story and a trusting, collaborative therapeutic relationship is the foundation of healing work. She has experience with supporting clients explore their identity and relationships; and heal from personal and intergenerational trauma. Meg has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. In her spare time, Meg enjoys cooking, reading, getting outside, and getting creative with various art projects. 

Laura Schlotterback, MSW, LGSW

Mental Health Practitioner 

Laura (they/them) is a white, queer, non-binary, and temporarily able-bodied LGSW practitioner with Face to Face who facilitates drop-in therapy at SafeZone and Oasis for Youth, and outpatient therapy at both SafeZone and the clinic. They bring values of connection, vulnerability, curiosity, self-compassion, and grace into the therapy space. Laura understands everyone they work with is the expert on their own experiences, and they feel passionate about centering therapy participants’ passions and interests, as well as exploring movement, mindfulness, and art during sessions. Laura also recognizes their privilege at the intersections of their identities and works to use anti-oppressive practices: honoring participants as experts in their experiences; holding space to explore identity, privilege, and oppression; soliciting feedback about sessions; and collaborating with participants and coworkers to incorporate feedback into meaningful change. Laura’s therapy style is relational and strengths-based, and they use tools from humanistic, somatic/sensory, cognitive-behavioral, and trauma therapy models. Laura has also been trained to facilitate EMDR therapy with interested participants.
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