Dear Friend of Face to Face,

My name is Marcus* and I’m one of many young people who receive support from Face to Face. I’d like to tell you about how they have supported me.  

Right now, I’m sleeping in the hallway of an apartment building until I can find a place to live. Someone told me that Face to Face helps young people who need help finding housing, so I went and checked out SafeZone day shelter.

face to face youth receiving three hot meals a day at safezone day shelter for youth

Youth like me getting a hot meal at SafeZone. Sometimes it’s the only time we eat that day.

I’m glad I did because I was able to shower, wash my clothes, and get three meals a day there. I also never imagined there could be a place full of people who would be my cheerleaders and want to support me.

After going to SafeZone for about a month, I met with an employment navigator and did a career assessment with them. This helped me realize I want to get into the construction industry. While I applied to programs, they offered me a paid internship. I was grateful to immediately start earning money and building my job skills. They taught me many things for the very first time and everyone was very supportive and encouraging.

free laundry and shower facilities for youth experiencing homelessness at SafeZone day shelter for youth

The laundry and shower facilities are great for getting ready for work and job interviews.

After my internship, I started a paid 12-week construction training program. I’m about to graduate from the program and they will help me find a job too.

It’s hard to believe after just a few months of working with the staff at Face to Face, I’m already achieving my goal of working in the construction industry.  

Face to Face staff at SafeZone day shelter for youth experiencing homelessness

These are some of my cheerleaders – I’ve never had adults cheering for me before.

But what’s more important to me than achieving my own dreams is to be a positive influence on others. Every morning as kids from the apartment building head to school, I encourage them to stay in school and pursue their dreams.

They remind me I’ve got to keep going and show them it’s possible to change your circumstances, no matter where you’re starting from.  

Thank you for supporting Face to Face and for making sure that the staff and programs are available to me and other young people. 



A Face to Face Youth


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